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The Internet, The Tory And The Black, Black Oil | A Greater Stage.

I’m not saying there’s a massive, untapped oil field off Scotland’s west coast.

I’m not saying David Cameron flew up here to see for himself.

I’m not saying he has conspired with oil companies to hide this information from the Scottish public until after September 18th.

I’m not saying that Westminster will resort to the most desperate acts to prevent us leaving the UK.



I wonder if the DWP is bullying Shiplee back to work, or happily handing over cash for him to stay at home?

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atos_dr_nick The man in charge of bungling the introduction of Universal Credit is currently only working a day a week after being on the sick since last Christmas.

Howard Shiplee is the builder that Iain Duncan Smith brought in to rescue his doomed project to reform benefits last year.  He is the sixth boss Universal Credit has had in the last two years and after just a few months in the job went on long-term sick leave.  According to Computer Weekly, who uncovered the story, he was suffering from bronchitis which has now developed into something more serious.  The publication claims the DWP are looking for someone to replace him behind his back.

Of course Shiplee, like everyone else, has the right to take time off if he is unwell.  But 20,000 people with respiratory conditions have been found fit for work since the Atos assessments began.  Under Universal Credit some…

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David Cameron: Taxes will rise unless we can raid bank accounts – Telegraph.

Yes Dave, because the HMRC always gets its sums right doesn’t it? Nobody has ever had to receive a tax rebate because they were taxed too much, have they?

Cameron isn’t an idiot, not by any means. This is simply another way in which our freedom as individuals, mine and yours, is being eroded by a government that may be without a mandate but not without an agenda.

How much in terms of time and cost will be spent on pursuing someone who might allegedly owe taxes? What burden of proof will first be required to permit such a raid on an individual’s bank account? If a precedent is set where a government can remove money from our bank accounts, then what guarantees do we have that such powers will not be abused?

There are two questions this raises in my mind:

1.) Why do we not see similar actions being taken against businesses who have evaded or avoided tax?

2.) If a self-employed person has avoided tax, presumably they have done so by taking cash jobs and not recording the transaction in their accounts. That being the case, how would HMRC know and who would be stupid enough to evade tax and then deposit it into their bank account?

It’s yet another crowd pleasing initiative created placate the ‘hard working tax payer’, who is being fed threats of mass immigration, migrants stealing British jobs, unemployed people leading lives of luxury at their expense, etc…

Keep voting for these cretins and you’re going to lose the very freedoms they purport to defend!

DWP in a shambles yet again!

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Unlike Help To Work, the new Keep Volunteering Voluntary campaign has already been a huge success. Unlike Help To Work, the new Keep Volunteering Voluntary campaign has already been a huge success.

Despite wildly optimistic claims from the DWP, today’s launch of mass workfare seems to be in chaos behind the scenes.  With barely any information yet available on the scheme it appears that the flagship Help To Work programme has no-one actually running it, no guidance for companies involved and no real plan to deal with the huge influx of claimants to Jobcentres from daily signing.

According to the BBC a mere 70 so-called charities have signed up to provide placements on the scheme which will involve forcing unemployed people to carry out 780 hours of unpaid work.  For ‘Help To Work to be successful, these charities will need to accept hundreds, or possibly thousands of placements each.  Predictably the DWP are not saying who the charities are.  So far the only voluntary sector organisation…

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So according to the front page of The Times tomorrow (April 3rd), David Cameron is facing pressure from ‘Senior Conservatives’ to ban Scots from voting in the 2015 general election if we vote for Independence.

David Cameron under pressure tot ban Scots from 2015 election vote if Independence voted for.

Now as a Scot you might think I’d be upset about this, but if we vote for Independence as of September 18th then why would we need to vote in UK elections?

Here’s a thought thought: What if those ‘Senior Conservatives’ were persuaded to publicly back independence with a currency union? Why would they do that? They know that the Scots will never vote for the Conservatives, so they lose the Scottish SNP and Labour voters who could make the difference between an outright Tory win and another coalition government. Fair swap?

Come on English Conservative voters, convince your MP’s to join the YES campaign and everybody wins!