JobCentre Advisor ‘Disciplined For Not Sanctioning Enough’ | Same Difference.

Ian Duncan Smith and the DWP have said time and time again that there are no targets for their Jobcentre Plus staff to reach, regarding the sanctioning of welfare claimants. Despite copies of letters to the contrary supposedly released by whistle-blowers, they have been adamant that no such criteria exists.

Yet here we have another DWP employee, an advisor with Jobcentre Plus, who is claiming to have been disciplined for not sanctioning enough claimants. Thus, it would appear that there is a covert set of targets for them to reach. In what could be described anecdotal evidence to back up this claim, is the rapid rise of claimants sanctioned. As reported in The Guardian on May 14th this year, the amount of claimants punished in such a manner rose to 227,629 in the last three months of 2013, an increase of 69,600 on the equivalent quarter in 2012. 

This begs the question, if there are targets to hit and staff are in danger of not reaching it, would they falsify a sanction in order to protect their own job? If so, that means there could be literally thousands of people unable to pay rent, afford food or heat their homes because of an outright lie. Someone is being forced to either punish another human being undeservedly, just so that they can keep their job and continue to do the same. That should not just scare unemployed people the most, but it should scare anyone who thinks that our government is prepared to help them should they lose their jobs.

Bankers who gambled with out money and politicians who didn’t legislate to prevent it may have brought the economy to its knees, but it’s the country’s poorest who are now ultimately paying for the rich peoples’ mistakes.