Benefit Claimant Bashing- The New Bloodsport.

Having just had the flat screen TV, laptop and iPhone debate with some knuckle dragging Daily Mail types myself, I felt this was an appropriate comment to re-blog today.

It seems as though being vilified is not enough punishment for those claiming Jobseekers Allowance while looking for work, but we must be seen to be poor and deserving enough to justify that support. God forbid we have a TV, or a mobile phone, or access to any form of technology. The thought that those items may have been in our possession prior to job loss isn’t considered, and for some people, it is of no consequence. I have even seen suggestions that benefit claimants sell such items of value, and live off the money instead of being supported by the state.

This blood lust for the unemployed or any kind of benefit claimant may be running rampant, but I don’t hold those individuals solely responsible for their stupidity and their hatred. The fuel for their fire is gleefully provided by pillars of virtue like the Daily Mail. Their journalists delight in presenting the worst possible examples of humanity, holding them up as representatives of all unemployed and the cause of the country’s blighted economy. When Channel 5 present sensationalist programmes like Benefits Street or On Benefits and Proud, the sheep take to social media in mass hysteria demanding something be done . That ‘something’ is often a call for violence,l but unless you ar a TV personality or famous for something,  the authorities aren’t particularly interested.

Still, it keeps the proletariat occupied and divided while the real criminals in Westminster dismantle the state, give private contracts to their greedy friends, fiddle their expenses and hand out peerages to their best party donors.