BBC and press ignore massive demonstration against austerity in London | Pride’s Purge.

Given the curiously large amount of time given over to the banal on programmes like BBC Breakfast, it seems strange that 50,000 people gathering not far from its doors was deemed not newsworthy.  Surely someone looked out of their window at BBC HQ and thought “Well that’s odd!”?

Imagine being a journalist or news correspondent, tasked with searching out stories for your editor on a daily basis. I imagine there will be slow news days where not a lot happens, and I can’t think of anything particularly pressing in any news bulletin I saw yesterday. Wouldn’t a massive, orchestrated crowd gathered in protest  at their country’s Government, be a bit of a gift for you?

People need to wake up and realise that examples of others protesting is not what your leaders want you to see, because that just might make you start thinking. It may just be the beginning of your enlightenment and that is something they really cannot afford.

What did make the news yesterday was that the Queen bought Prince William a new helicopter, costing a whopping £8m. NOW do you understand why austerity is not news they want you to see?