Ruth Davidson backs currency union | Scottish National Party.

So Ruth Davidson, leader of the Scottish Conservative and Union Party says she would back a currency union if Scotland votes for Independence. Granted, she says she would support it AFTER a yes vote, but that still goes against her Westminster bosses and directly opposes what George Osborne has said. Do we take this as unofficial confirmation that Westminster would capitulate to the currency union and if so, has Ruth just undermined everything Cameron and co have been saying? Has she in effect, called her party’s own bluff?

It would certainly confirm YES supporters’ suspicions all along, that the question of sharing a currency has merely been an attempt to kill the independence argument. It is still one of the biggest topics of debate between both sides of the support, with the NO supporters wringing their hands in desperation as they ponder how we’ll get along without the pound. I and many others simply don’t believe the threat was in any way credible, as not sharing the currency would do massive damage to trade between Scotland and the UK. Business leaders would simply not stand for a government who threatened their survival, just as we’re trying to claw our way out of recession. And of course there’s the question of exactly how Westminster would deny us the pound. Are they planning to send the troops in to confiscate our wallets and purses?

I am concerned however, that the realisation of threats from Westminster being only bluff and bluster will come too late and that fear will lead us to vote NO. Bravery, and the willingness to make a leap of faith have long since deserted many Scots.