A post I made on Facebook yesterday (WARNING – it’s a little sweary):

Sick of all the shit being thrown around in this damn #indyref debate! Truly makes we want to shut down my social media until 2015! The worst thing about it all, without shadow of a doubt, is how bigotry seems to drive a lot of what I’m seeing. Sadly, the worst I have seen has come from Rangers fans, or rather, Orangemen who happen to support Rangers. I keep hearing about Cybernats and how nasty they are, and although I’ve seen some stupid comments, they have nothing on the kind of vitriol spouted by people with NO SURRENDER and the red hand of Ulster plastered all over their Twitter/Facebook accounts.

Jesus Christ people, when the hell are we going to grow out of this shite? Football teams and religion are just a poor excuse for both sides to be shitty to each other, pure and simple. Id this what we are going to leave for the next generation and the one after that? Are we still going to define ourselves by things that happened in centuries past, or by the slightly different way in which we worship a deity who might not even exist? After reading all the spiteful rubbish I’ve seen tonight, I am not proud in any way, shape or form to be Scottish. We’re a national and international embarrassment thanks to people who hate for no reason other than their daddy did before them.

And before anyone questions MY religion or motives, don’t let my surname fool you – I don’t believe in anything. There’s no Heaven, no Hell, no God, no Devil, no nothing except the big black and slowly becoming food for the worms. Any affiliation, club, cult or religion that causes a human being to hate another can’t possibly have a God at its helm.