BBC News – Sudan woman faces death for apostasy.

Tell me again about how Islam is a religion of peace? 

I’m not one to read a headline and jump on whichever bandwagon is trailing behind it. I’m smart enough to know when a newspaper is simply publishing its own agenda as a news story, so the rabid writings in the Daily Mail for example don’t make me want to punch a Muslim.

However, recent events including the kidnap and forced conversion to Islam of 200 Nigerian girls, and the sentencing of a woman to death for aspostasy in Sudan suggest peace is not high on the agenda. These atrocities do nothing to allay fears that this religion, without a central governing body to guide its followers, can be interpreted in ways which justify terror and murder.

Nobody except Islam can clean up Islam. While they appear to do nothing except multiply in numbers, build more mosques and apologise after the most recent outrage, suspicion and fear grow in non Muslims and is a powder keg waiting for a flame. The BNP, EDL and numerous other drooling idiots may not make much noise politically, but on the streets they wield influence among those who are ready to use violence to fight back.

Islam cannot and should not be outlawed as some suggest, because Muslims have the absolute right to worship their deity in the same way other religions worship theirs. However, as long as splinter groups, sects and rogue Imams can teach their own version of this dangerous religion, then we will continue to see Islam violate peoples’ human rights.