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Government welfare minister receives £10,000 from aggressive loans company | Left Foot Forward.

I question the wisdom of DWP Minister Esther McVey accepting a cash donation from Henry Angest, the Chairman and CEO of Arbuthnot Banking Group. His company owns ‘Everyday Loans’  who provide unsecured loans to people on benefits at up to 80%  APR.

So-called ‘Pay day loans’ companies are generally seen to be adding to debt and poverty amongst the poor and those claiming benefits, so it makes my ‘Spidey Senses’ tingle  when  £10k of a £17.5k loan goes to a DWP Minister. Why would someone responsible for cutting benefits to the most needy in society, think it is acceptable to take money from someone whose company does nothing short of exploit those same people?

I do accept that the gentleman’s personal politics and his money are his own business, but I would also argue that there is a conflict of interest that the government must consider before accepting such a gift. Bearing in mind that  such business operates within guidelines set by the FSA, which operates under UK legislation, this could be seen as an incentive for those who set legislation to look favourably upon a particular company or business sector.

I’m not accusing anyone of anything (at the moment), but I think either the donor or the recipient, should gift that money to a charity which helps people either deal with or avoid debt.

Just a thought…


I loved Benny Hill. He appealed to me as the very ordinary guy that people liked, the chubby little fellow who seemed to get the girls and for the most important reason – he was just damn funny.

It’s a crying shame he was ousted from TV, pushed aside by the PC brigade who didn’t want to upset anyone. In fact, Ben Elton very famously suggested that crimes of rape were Benny’s fault, because of the way women were portrayed on his show. Although Elton later claimed he was quoted out of context, that ‘quote’ was probably the beginning of Benny’s end as far as ITV was concerned. Benny was no more harmful than the saucy seaside postcard, never sought to offend anyone and was generally the butt of the jokes in his sketches.

Benny died just 68, alone and in sitting in his living room chair in 1992. It’s incredible to me that he passed that way, having been one of our favourite comedians for decades. So for those of you who have forgotten about Benny, or who have never seen him perform, here is Mr Hill at his creative and comedic best.




BBC News – Sudan woman faces death for apostasy.

Tell me again about how Islam is a religion of peace? 

I’m not one to read a headline and jump on whichever bandwagon is trailing behind it. I’m smart enough to know when a newspaper is simply publishing its own agenda as a news story, so the rabid writings in the Daily Mail for example don’t make me want to punch a Muslim.

However, recent events including the kidnap and forced conversion to Islam of 200 Nigerian girls, and the sentencing of a woman to death for aspostasy in Sudan suggest peace is not high on the agenda. These atrocities do nothing to allay fears that this religion, without a central governing body to guide its followers, can be interpreted in ways which justify terror and murder.

Nobody except Islam can clean up Islam. While they appear to do nothing except multiply in numbers, build more mosques and apologise after the most recent outrage, suspicion and fear grow in non Muslims and is a powder keg waiting for a flame. The BNP, EDL and numerous other drooling idiots may not make much noise politically, but on the streets they wield influence among those who are ready to use violence to fight back.

Islam cannot and should not be outlawed as some suggest, because Muslims have the absolute right to worship their deity in the same way other religions worship theirs. However, as long as splinter groups, sects and rogue Imams can teach their own version of this dangerous religion, then we will continue to see Islam violate peoples’ human rights.

Erik Sandberg posted in referendum on May 13, 2014 at 13:30:25 in the KILTR Referendum group on KILTR.

So, who wants to be the one to point out their little error then? Really lads, was this banner comprising only four words too difficult to get right?

I know that laughing at something like this can appear petty, but it really does sum up the NO campaign for me. People milling around without much purpose, a misleading headline and the inability to get even the simplest thing correct

The street sign just adds the perfect finishing touch – One Way – Yes indeed, backwards!


I wonder if the DWP is bullying Shiplee back to work, or happily handing over cash for him to stay at home?

the void

atos_dr_nick The man in charge of bungling the introduction of Universal Credit is currently only working a day a week after being on the sick since last Christmas.

Howard Shiplee is the builder that Iain Duncan Smith brought in to rescue his doomed project to reform benefits last year.  He is the sixth boss Universal Credit has had in the last two years and after just a few months in the job went on long-term sick leave.  According to Computer Weekly, who uncovered the story, he was suffering from bronchitis which has now developed into something more serious.  The publication claims the DWP are looking for someone to replace him behind his back.

Of course Shiplee, like everyone else, has the right to take time off if he is unwell.  But 20,000 people with respiratory conditions have been found fit for work since the Atos assessments began.  Under Universal Credit some…

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David Cameron: Taxes will rise unless we can raid bank accounts – Telegraph.

Yes Dave, because the HMRC always gets its sums right doesn’t it? Nobody has ever had to receive a tax rebate because they were taxed too much, have they?

Cameron isn’t an idiot, not by any means. This is simply another way in which our freedom as individuals, mine and yours, is being eroded by a government that may be without a mandate but not without an agenda.

How much in terms of time and cost will be spent on pursuing someone who might allegedly owe taxes? What burden of proof will first be required to permit such a raid on an individual’s bank account? If a precedent is set where a government can remove money from our bank accounts, then what guarantees do we have that such powers will not be abused?

There are two questions this raises in my mind:

1.) Why do we not see similar actions being taken against businesses who have evaded or avoided tax?

2.) If a self-employed person has avoided tax, presumably they have done so by taking cash jobs and not recording the transaction in their accounts. That being the case, how would HMRC know and who would be stupid enough to evade tax and then deposit it into their bank account?

It’s yet another crowd pleasing initiative created placate the ‘hard working tax payer’, who is being fed threats of mass immigration, migrants stealing British jobs, unemployed people leading lives of luxury at their expense, etc…

Keep voting for these cretins and you’re going to lose the very freedoms they purport to defend!

Play This Everywhere.

I can’t remember being as moved by a man’s words in my entire life. I am absolutely not ashamed to say that I was in tears by the end of this video.


Unwell person incited to commit suicide – on David Cameron’s Facebook page.

The main issue here of course is the continued war against the sick, disabled and unemployed by the Coalition government. The situation the person found themselves in is, as many of us believe, merely the tip of the austerity iceberg.

Leaving this aside for the moment, there are two further issues that this incident throws a spotlight on. The first, is with the DWP employee who allegedly after hearing the distraught person’s threat of suicide, informed them that it was “their choice” to do so. I understand that suicide is a difficult subject to discuss, but surely we cannot be so devoid of compassion that we would simply dismiss someone so readily? Given the kind of situations DWP employees are likely to face, such as very distraught people, wouldn’t some training be in order to help them deal with sensitive situations better?

The second issue is the Facebook page belonging to David Cameron. Social Media in general I think is a god thing, promoting communication and disseminating information quickly being just two positives. However, it is also a place where bullying and threatening behaviour can go unchecked and sadly, can often be encouraged or at least, left unchallenged. If the PM has a Facebook page, then he should employ an agency or at least an individual, to monitor the pages for unsuitable comments. Having seen David Cameron’s page on many occasions, it would appear that either nobody does this, or that they are unable to adequately deal with the influx of comments.

Any social media professional will tell you that the only thing worse that not having a social media presence, is having which has no interactivity with users and posts without adding any value to its content. It could also be argued that in not moderating comments, the page is passively encouraging people to post comments which are inflammatory, abusive, threatening or just lain bonkers. I am admin for a Facebook site and I can tell you that I would never permit an abusive comment to remain on the page. If the poster did not resolve it themselves, I would do it for them and they would subsequently be banned from the page.

If these types of comments wouldn’t be tolerated on a Facebook page promoting a business, then what message does the Prime Minister’s page convey by doing nothing about it?

Tory and Lib Dem MPs exempt themselves from changes to state pension age.


Bless ’em, those lovely MP’s deserve to retire because they work so hard for us…


Don’t they?