A mixed bag, but nothing that was a massive shock.

I was right about tobacco (2% duty increase), but that’s hardly a surprise and not difficult to predict.

He left alcohol alone mostly and even reduced beer duty by 1p! Well, there’s a crowd pleaser that will maintain mass sedation of the voters.

Welfare capped of course! That was inevitable, as Tory toffs continue to play the “hard working taxpayer” off against the evil unemployed, clearly living a life of luxury on £142 per fortnight.

As suspected, although certainly not begrudged, pensioners were left alone. After all, the CoDems don’t want the grey vote diminished by old folk dying of hypothermia or malnutrition, do they?

Plans to increase fuel duty in September were crapped too so I got the bits I was paying most attention to correct apart from the booze. It was a budget to make you all feel good, while not necessarily doing you any good on a practical level.

Key budget announcements are summarised here by The Guardian