I’m watching ‘The One Show’ on BBC at the moment, which is a magazine programme with guests and short features crammed into 30 minutes of live TV. One of the presenters just asked guest Terry Gilliam, ‘Python’, actor and director, if he knew what the meaning of life was.  Asking what for some is the ultimate question and giving it only a few minutes discussion, is quite ridiculous.

However it did make me think, although I thought more about the question than the answer. What if we asked the same question but phrased in a different way? What if we ask what the meaning of life is to YOU, at this point in time? After all, we are individuals with different wants, needs and priorities, so can’t there be different answers, for different people, at different times of their life? Can’t my answer in March not be different to the one I gave in January?

When I was in my teens, MY meaning of life was to have fun, socialise, meet girls, not worry about the future and just live from pay-day to pay-day. In my 20’s, there were some similarities, although I was probably more focussed on my future career, starting to think about buying a home and realising that life wasn’t just about fun. In my 30’s and 40’s priorities changed yet again and right now, the meaning of my life is to get myself back into work and improve my life. When I achieve this, the next part of my life will begin and its meaning will undoubtedly change yet again.

I’m not sure there is a point to be taken from this by anyone else other than myself. I just don’t believe that there is ONE meaning of life that we all share, or a grand plan in which we all play a part. My feeling is that searching for one answer is a waste of time and energy, diverting us from getting on with what needs to be done right now.